Innovative Monitoring of Waste Levels

Amidst the ever-increasing volume of waste generated daily, embracing sustainable practices becomes imperative for the modern world. According to a recent report by Berg Insight, there were 657,000 waste collection locations globally integrated with smart waste sensor technology in 2020. Explore how working hand in hand with 1NCE, Sensoneo empowers waste management operations. 

sensoneo and 1nce collaboration
行業: Smart City
科技: NB-IoT
地區: Globally

Sensoneo's smart waste management solution has garnered attention from cities and businesses worldwide, with installations in over 85 countries across five continents. One of Sensoneo's groundbreaking projects involves the deployment of smart sensors in the city of Madrid, Spain, where tens of thousands of bins are monitored for waste levels. 


The challenge faced by Sensoneo revolved around efficiently monitoring waste levels in a large number of bins in real-time. Traditional waste management systems often struggle with inefficiencies and a lack of accurate data, leading to suboptimal collection routes and resource allocation. Sensoneo aimed to find smarter and more data-driven approaches for device and connectivity management within areas of varying penetration and location. 

1NCE Solution

The choice of 1NCE was driven by its capability to offer stable and efficient NB-IoT connectivity, crucial for transmitting real-time data from the sensors to Sensoneo's central platform. In this way, the company achieved significant improvements in waste management efficiency, by monitoring over 6,000 bins through Nb-IoT technology in Madrid. Looking ahead, we anticipate further growth, with the aim of monitoring 11,100 bins by the year 2025. The smart sensors, connected through 1NCE, facilitated optimized waste collection routes, leading to a notable reduction in collection time and resources.  Sensoneo's smart waste management solution contributes to a 30-63% reduction in waste collection routes and achieved an impressive 97% accuracy in actual waste production. With the support of 1NCE, Sensoneo's impact will continue to grow.  

The most essential part is the coverage 1NCE provides for installing 11,000 sensors in Madrid area. We needed a responsible partner who could communicate efficiently with us when there’s something to solve. 1NCE is about agility, responsibility, and coverage.

Martina Šušová, PR & Communications Manager Sensoneo

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