1NCE simplified connectivity management plus easy roaming keep Horizont on track

The tracking specialist Horizont turned to 1NCE for its product “Live Orten” to ensure best network connectivity for its customers all across Europe and to keep management efforts and costs at a minimum.

科技: 2G,3G
地區: DACH

Horizont Electronic Vertriebs GmbH is a Germany-headquartered provider of telematics and tracking services like vehicle and asset tracking to its customers. Headquartered in Berlin, the company has branches in The Netherlands, Turkey and Austria.


A critical part of any tracking application is the ability to have uninterrupted resilient connectivity across the entire service area. Often this involves utilising network from multiple operators to ensure high quality network access. Therefore, for Horizont it was vital to ensure connectivity for its product “Live Orten” both in Germany and, for a growing proportion of customers, in other European markets via roaming. However, managing multiple network providers adds substantial cost and complexity for a service provider and, for relatively low cost services, this is unsustainable. Therefore, a solution that provides always-available, high quality network connectivity in Germany and across various European markets, along with the ability to control costs, was necessary.  

1NCE Solution

Horizont turned to 1NCE to provide its 2G/3G  IoT FlexSIM cards of which it has several thousand in use today. The FlexSIM cards enable Horizont to streamline connectivity management costs and reduce administration expenses while also enabling seamless selection of the best available mobile network both for home users in Germany and for customers across Europe when they roam.

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