Hightech sensor for disposal management

GLA-intec from Bremen, Germany, is developing hard- and software for the Internet of Things. The company has specialized in smart city solutions, particularly in the field of waste management. One of their latest products is the IceBox Sensor.

A small and independent device for the reliable and precise measurement of disposal containers such as containers for old clothes or electronic waste.

For communication via NB-IoT GLA-intec trusts in mobile IoT connectivity by 1NCE.

科技: NB-IoT
地區: DACH

The IceBox Fill Level Sensor delivers precise measurements of disposal containers through optical sensors. Mounted in the upper part of the container, the sensor scans into the container and sends the current fill level information to the cloud for further processing. The sensor itself is designed to be easily installed and ready-to-work within just a few minutes.


Since the IceBox Fill Level Sensor needs to be able to work independently inside a container it relies completely on battery power. Therefore, a low power wide area network is the ideal choice of connectivity. While the Sensor has been made available for GSM and LoRaWAN connectivity, it also supports NB-IoT for reliable, secure and enduring communication. Since containers are often exposed to strong vibrations, especially during cleaning procedures, a solution had to be found that would make the sensor less sensitive to shocks.

1NCE Solution

With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, which supports common mobile phone standards such as 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT on a single SIM card for only 10 Euro over a period of 10 years, GLA-intec chose the perfect IoT connectivity for their needs. Instead of going for the classic 1NCE Flex SIM, GLA-intec decided to use the 1NCE eSIM instead, making their product even more reliable. The eSIM is available for 2 Euro extra and offers additional security over the entire lifetime of the device: The eSIM is soldered directly onto the device's printed circuit board. This makes the sensors' communication capability even less sensitive to shock and vibration.

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