The low-power IoT specialists

Embever helps companies developing highly-innovative battery-powered IoT devices – and promises to do it ‘faster than ever before’. Working with large corporations, SMEs and start-ups, Embever has created a platform that enables seamless end-to-end integration.

Embever’s management team focused early on energy efficient data transmission with a research grant from the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg kickstarting the development of their innovative technology. The outcome: The Embever IoT Core, a platform especially designed to connect low-power NB-IoT devices. It didn’t take long for early customers like Deutsche Bahn and VISI/ONE to come on board.

For their connectivity, Embever chose 1NCE’s IoT Flat Rate for optimal NB-IoT coverage combined with a simple tariff.


科技: NB-IoT
地區: DACH

At Embever it's all about saving energy and that’s why the company developed an energy efficient cloud-to-device communications service. It is specifically built for battery-powered devices that don’t need real-time communication but need to maximise battery lifetime. With this know-how Embever helps their customers develop solutions at lower risk and cost through a special innovation program focused on bringing customers’ ideas to life within 100 days.


Low power IoT brings many challenges during development: Be it low data volume, limited processing power and finally connectivity fit for the job. NB-IoT is the perfect technology for constrained, battery-powered IoT devices that need to operate for long periods without the need to change the power source. But mobile tariffs can be complex and costs often spiral out of control to the point they undermine the solution’s business case.

1NCE Solution

So as well as being able to operate indpendently for long periods, Embever needs connectivity that not only saves data and therefore power but also supports the business case. The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flatr offers exactly this. A simple, predictable and scalable cellular tariff that keeps TCO low. With NB-IoT available now in Germany, Austria and China and the footprint continuing to grow, 1NCE Lifetime Flat for only 10 Euros for 10 years includes everything that Embever’s customers need for the typical lifespan of their IoT devices.

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