Coffee Cloud

The coffee analytics solution for a perfect taste and optimized business

Coffee Cloud Technologies LTD, based in London, was set up by coffee bar owner and electronics engineer Miroslav Kovač. The company delivers a retrofit solution that monitors and analyzes the usage of professional coffee/barista machines, giving real time insights about the amount of coffee brewed, cleaning intervals or consumption of coffee beans.

Coffee Cloud is active in 15+ countries worldwide and is designed to help coffee shops, chains, roasters, and distributors to optimize their business and increase revenues.

The company trusts in 1NCE for connecting their devices securely to the cloud

科技: 3G,4G,LTE-M
地區: UK

The Coffee Cloud solution consists of a plug & play IoT telemetry device to easily retrofit all types of professional barista machines and many models of fully automatic coffee machines. The solution also includes a sophisticated real-time monitoring platform, accessible via smartphone, tablet, or PC. After installation, it can count the amount of coffee beans used or cups served. The solution also contains a coffee quality tool to better manage coffee grinder settings or educate baristas. The stock management tool helps to optimize order and delivery of supplies.


The solution is designed to work independently from any local network to minimize installation effort and a maximum of reliability. It connects via cellular mobile network rather than Wi-Fi.  This eliminates the hassle of connecting on Wi-Fi.   Coffee Cloud Telemetric Device   Installation of the retrofit solution can be provided by any technical maintenance personnel in about 20 minutes. Since Coffee Cloud is delivered internationally, a simple and global connectivity solution is required for easy management and billing of the product.

1NCE Solution

With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, Coffee Cloud Technologies benefits from a simple multi-bearer SIM-card and connectivity solution that comes at a fixed price worldwide with no additional costs for roaming or setup. A one-time fee allows instant connectivity for the IoT telemetry device over its entire lifecycle in more than 100 countries via 3G, 4G or LTE-M. The device is ready-to-use after installation within the secure cellular environment and does not rely on any local WiFi connection.

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