Independent and reliable energy monitoring at any time

Cast4All, based in Antwerp, Belgium, builds scalable end-to-end solutions for infrastructure management such as residential solar panel parks, data centers and other buildings. Basis of the Cast4All solution is the Single Independent Monitoring Platform (SIMPL). A platform that ensures the seamless integration of all kind of meters/sensors with cellular communication networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M and the data management system.

Independent communication is key when it comes to the Cast4All solution. To ensure metering installations perform optimally, Cast4All collects and aggregates data independently of home Wi-Fi and uses mobile cellular connectivity from 1NCE.

科技: 2G,3G,4G,NB-IoT,LTE-M
地區: Benelux

SIMPL is a software meter management platform that reads and manages devices remotely via 1NCE mobile cellular connectivity with devices using Gateways from Xemex, yet another 1NCE reference customer. Over 100.000 houses and buildings, mainly owned by social housing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are equipped with solar panels and monitored by the Cast4All solution.   Housing corporations invest in PV or solar panels that are placed at their expense on the roofs of their tenants. It is very important that the housing corporations always know that these solar panels are in optimal shape and that the intended profitability is being achieved. It is therefore fundamental to be able to monitor these installations remotely in a reliable and affordable way.


To enable 24/7 uninterrupted energy monitoring of thousands of connected solar panels, independence from locally available networks such as end-user’s internet connection is mandatory. Too many individual networks mean too much susceptibility to errors and high costs for the maintenance of each of the networks. To keep the operating costs low, a single connectivity solution is needed that runs independently and everywhere without additional installation costs.

1NCE Solution

The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat offers exactly that: Reliable and secure connectivity via standardizes mobile cellular technologies. On top of that, the pricing model is so simple and transparent, that customers can easily calculate operating costs for cellular connectivity into their final product. There is no hassle about managing monthly connectivity fees or additional costs for setup or even roaming for transnational offerings. Easy SIM card management and a lot of additional features for easy and fast implementation complement 1NCEs offering.

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造訪 1NCE 商店並開始輕鬆連接您的 IoT 設備。只需訂購您的 SIM 卡、選擇所需的 SIM 卡類型並填寫所有必需的表格即可。付款獲得確認後,您將在5到7個工作天內收到卡片。