Ensuring transparency in the cold chain

With its Blulog Data Logger, Blulog offers a solution for temperature monitoring during the transport of fresh and frozen products in real time. In combination with the 1NCE Lifetime Fee, each isothermal box can be individually tracked and monitored to ensure a stable cold chain.

科技: 2G,3G
地區: Globally

Blulog is a fast-growing Polish-French company offering solutions for real time temperature monitoring during transport of fresh or frozen products. The Blulog Data Loggers enable real-time monitoring of temperature, storage of recorded data and transmission of measurements via radio frequencies. The user gets access to current and historical data, which can be used to visualize temperature variations in time.


A company that transports fresh food using isothermal boxes wanted to individually track and monitor the temperature data of each box to ensure and prove an integrated cold chain for the transported goods. In order to provide reliable monitoring services to affordable prices, Blulog was looking for a connectivity solution to go with their Data Logger system.

1NCE Solution

Using the 1NCE Lifetime Fee allowed Blulog to integrate reliable 2G and 3G connectivity directly to their solution and sell it as a bundle to their customer for 5 to 10 years at a single cost without any subscription.

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