Remote analysis of bee colonies thanks to 1NCE FlexSIM cards

The Austrian company has developed an end-to-end solution that supports beekeepers in their daily work. Thanks to implemented sensors, the biodata of the beehive is tracked remotely and sent via the 1NCE network to the BeeAndme analytics portal. This allows beekeepers to not just monitor measured values in real time but also to receive notifications in case of anomalies in the bee colony. Furthermore, they can document the work of the beehive and make comparisons between colonies and locations.

科技: 2G,3G,NB-IoT
地區: DACH
Background was founded in 2017 in Austria and has invested two years of development to create an end-to-end beehive monitoring solution. The result is not only an accurate hardware but also an analytics portal, which processes the measured data and displays it clearly. Since the beehive solution is constantly used by beekeepers and enterprises, all functions are continuously enhanced to optimize the usability.


The challenges in agriculture and in beekeeping are increasing rapidly. These challenges are related to diseases, environmental influences and legal requirements, which complicate the actual agricultural and productive work. The workload is high and there is little time for additional secondary activities. The beekeeping solution aims to lower management efforts and minimize costs related to inefficient time investment in the activity tracking of the beehives. The capability of remote analysis required a connectivity solution with high rural coverage based on 2G, 3G and NB-IoT in order to transmit the data from the beehive to the BeeAndme portal.  

1NCE Solution has found in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee a connectivity solution which fits uniquely in terms of coverage, radio standards and simplicity. The 1NCE pre-paid lifetime price model offers long-term price certainty for both, BeeAndme and the beekeepers. Thanks to 1NCE, can now offer an end-to-end beehive solution with maximum coverage and ease of use. This way, not just agriculture but also beekeeping becomes smart.

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