Next Generation Smart Cities that are a fusion of Green Transformation (GX), and smart city planning that implements information and communications technologies (ICT) to work towards achieving a decarbonized society that has reduced greenhouse gas emissions to zero are gaining attention.
Next Generation Smart Cities must utilize many technologies including renewable energy, digital twin technology, big data, next-generation mobility/MaaS (mobility as a service), robotics, and more.
In following, the AXIA EXPO (including the Hydrogen and Ammonia Next-Generation Energy Exhibition, Next-Generation Telecommunications Tech, and the GX Innovation Exhibition) will be held in Japan’s industrial hub, Aichi Prefecture, with cooperation from industries in the surrounding Chubu region, in order to promote Next-Generation Smart Cities. Through exhibitions at the venue and concurrent symposiums, participants will be able to exchange information and build partnerships, thus contributing to creation of the social infrastructure of the future.

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