Smart Energy Communicator

Xemex is an innovative and leading technology company dedicated to smart energy communication solutions to monitor and manage energy streams.

The company focuses on the visionary development with production of adaptive cellular and fixed network communication solutions for smart metering and IoT applications, independent of the meter type and protocols.

Xemex supplies its customers with solutions and devices for smart ‘energy’ monitoring (meter reading transmission) and offers its innovations across a range of energy providers and consumers, commercial or retail, such as:

• Grid Operators • EV Charging • Solar Installations • Home Energy Management • Submetering


Xemex' clients trust in the delivery of reliable, high-security, affordable and simple GSM communications. Every day again. That's why Xemex chose 1NCE.


Project Details
Technology: 2G,3G,4G
Location: Benelux

It is of great importance that a correct insight is provided into the energy performance of a house, both in terms of consumption and production. From here it is only a small step to energy management where the energy performance will be controlled.   Xemex has several solutions available to give its customers a reliable insight in this performance. Whether it is solar energy, heat pumps, EV charging or local storage, Xemex is able to monitor this as secure as possible, using its clients software or its partner software. Of course, all is based on Xemex' long experience in the world of smart energy.   The solution is designed for monitoring both small and large volumes of residential PV systems. The solution consists of either:  

  • a MID certified electricity meter from Landis+Gyr or Kamstrup, both 1 – and 3 – phase, with a Xemex (GPRS or LTE Cat M) communication module.
  • SUNGate, a Xemex datalogger (GPRS or LTE Cat M) connected and integrated directly with the inverter via RS485
  • DINGate, a Xemex datalogger (GPRS or LTE Cat M) that can be connected to up to 16 Modbus sensors
  These devices, in combination with the application of Xemex' preferred supplier Cast4All, can offer an integrated problem detection and optimized PV and Home Energy Monitoring installation performance.   The solution is designed for monitoring both small and large volumes of residential PV and Home Energy Monitoring systems. Due to the use of 1NCE cellular IoT connectivity, the system works independently from the Internet of the home or building, which greatly simplifies support and lowers maintenance costs.   Xemex provides this solution either as a joint offering with its preferred partner Cast4All, or is able to connect the meters via the DLMS communication protocol to other (existing) monitoring platforms.


Xemex' customers initially saw the advantages of a monitoring solution independent of the resident's Internet and independent of inverter manufacturers, but were reluctant to accept the costs. So Xemex had to compete against the residents' WiFi and the inverter vendors' solutions.

1NCE Solution

With the arrival and application of the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, the cellular IoT connectivity offering, Xemex was able to offer a much better proposition in terms of price and reliability as well. This meant that Xemex' customers did not have to incur any costs to repair faulty or missing data communications. The market entry and application of 1NCE was therefore a game changer for the company and its business model.

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