Finsen Tech

UVC Disinfection for healthcare and beyond

Finsen Tech is a global company specializing in the design and manufacture of UVC disinfection products, services, and solutions, which can be effectively utilized across healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors.

Their flagship product is THOR UVC ® , a revolutionary total room disinfection robot that can eradicate 99,9999% of all healthcare associated infections (HAI) in minutes. It has emitters that go from floor to ceiling eliminating areas of shadow to ensure no area has been untouched.

The fully automated robot then creates a detailed report about each room cleaned and sends it to the cloud for further processing.

To communicate reliably at any time, Finsen Tech trusts in 1NCE.

Project Details
Technology: 3G,4G
Location: UK

THOR UVC is a high-output UVC disinfection robot, which utilizes unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous-wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens – including Corona viruses - when and where required. The robot can rise up to 2,25 meters in any room and uses its built-in Lidar scanning technology to decide on the necessary UVC dose for each room for maximum efficiency. After each disinfection process, a complete report is sent from the device to the cloud.


For optimal mobile operation, THOR UVC needs to be able to communicate independently from any locally available network. Mobile cellular technology has proven to be the best possible solution to give the device as much autonomy as possible. But finding the right provider was quite a challenge, as Tristan Williams, Technical Director at Finsen Tech remembers. “Before we knew about 1NCE, we had to purchase local country specific data cards. That gave us quite a lot of extra work. We had to manage all the different accounts and bills and needed to keep track of the different login data and passwords.”

1NCE Solution

"Choosing 1NCE as our IoT connectivity provider made a lot of things a lot easier. It wasn’t just the simple pre-paid fee of 10 Euros per 10 years. With the 1NCE IoT SIM Card we can now use THOR UVC worldwide in over 100 countries without the added complexity of sourcing and configuring local communication systems. Contrary to other mobile providers, 1NCE made the installation and configuration very easy with clear and concise information, such as APN configuration, readily available on their website. We also receive location feedback for our product and we can send firmware/software updates remotely and if necessary, monitor key engineering functions in real time."

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