ryd box: Simply making your car smarter

Munich-based ThinxNet offers a clever solution for private or professional vehicle monitoring. With the “ryd box” no information gets overseen: Whether it’s the cars location, fuel level, error messages or battery power - nothing escapes the user's attention.

In addition to that, the solution keeps track of all trips and refills. It is excellently suited for the automatic keeping of a driver's logbook, which makes it particularly interesting for professional users. Locations can be shared with family and friends or business partners to inform them of the actual status or possible delays. In case the car’s diagnostic system detects a malfunction, the error message will be immediately pushed onto the user’s smartphone.

Setting up the ryd box is simple: Only attach it to the vehicles diagnostic plug, register yourself in the smartphone app, and you’re ready to go. All vehicle data will be sent to the ryd servers via built-in 1NCE cellular connectivity and are immediately visible in the ryd app.

เทคโนโลยี: 2G,3G,4G,NB-IoT,LTE-M
ที่ตั้ง: DACH

The ryd box is not much bigger than a standard box of matches and is plugged into the vehicle's diagnostic (ODBC) port. On most models, this is located on the right-hand side below the steering wheel in the footwell of the car. There is no need for an external power supply since the box is powered directly via the port. There is also no need for an external data connection like pairing a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in cellular connectivity, the plug has its own integrated data connection. An additional mobile phone or any other data contract is obsolete.


Many other tracking solutions come with an obstacle: How do I get the data into the cloud? Other solutions, for example, use a smartphone as a bridge to send the data from the device via Bluetooth to a smartphone and from there to the cloud. The big disadvantage: if you forget to activate Bluetooth or leave your smartphone at home, you won't get any data recorded. No locations logged; no track followed. Your data history will be incomplete.

1NCE Solution

With 1NCE, the mobile cellular connection is always available. No matter if you’re only on a small trip or crossing borders to another country. The SIM cards works in 100+ countries worldwide and can communicate on all common bearer technologies using 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M. The ideal prerequisite for use in vehicles. The simple pricing model allowed ThinxNet to easily integrate connectivity directly into their device and calculate the costs for connectivity into the final product. Customers can start immediately after connecting the ryd box to the car.

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