Usage-Based-Insurance services for two-wheelers thanks to the 1NCE Lifetime Fee

MOTO.APP is an application that provides motorcyclists with all the necessary travel information in one app: routes, tracking of the trips, social features, alerting and vehicle location. It was developed by the Italian tech company B2C Innovation , with the goal to offer usage-based-insurance services based on data generated by the MOTO.BOX.
MOTO.BOX is an electronic and telematic device designed exclusively for two-wheelers, which records a series of driving parameters. It can be included in the “MOTOPLATINUM” insurance policy offered by B2C Innovation's insurance division 24H Assistance.
B2C Innovation uses 1NCE eSIMs to connect the MOTO.BOX to the MOTO.APP.

Project Details
Technology: 2G,3G
Location: Italy

B2C Innovation is a tech company established in Milan (Italy) that provides digital services with the aim of offering quality and simple customer-oriented solutions to make everyday services accessible to anyone. Their product portfolio includes telematics, insurances and ski services.  

  • Telematics: Through MOTO.APP
  • Insurance: Through B2C Innovation's insurance division 24H Assistance, which offers the policies “MOTOPLATINUM”, “Dottordog” and “Skippermate”
  • Ski services: Through SNOW.APP
  B2C Innovation usage-based-insurance services consist in the correlation of the MOTO.APP and the MOTO.BOX through the insurance policy “MOTOPLATINUM”. This means that the motorcyclists that are registered to the insurance policy “MOTOPLATINUM” and owning a MOTO.BOX have access to information such as:  
  • Email alerts and SMS notifications in case of low or detached battery and towing of the vehicle.
  • Monitoring the position and status of the vehicles: ignition, distance travelled, device battery voltage and other information about the travels.
  Thanks to this data, B2C Innovation can conduct adjustments in the customers’ vehicle insurance policy. In order to get access to the service the MOTO.BOX must be installed by authorized dealers or installers. The service comes as a bundle that comprises of the access of the premium services of the MOTO.APP, the insurance and the MOTO.BOX equipment.


By offering an end-to-end service, B2C Innovation faced challenges related to:  

  • High connectivity costs for connecting the MOTO.BOX to the MOTO.APP
  • Difficult monthly cost prediction of data overage charges
  • Complex administrative and accounting processes resulting from the high volume of requirements from mobile network operators. Some example of these were mandatory SIM order forecasts and long waiting periods from SIM purchase to delivery and, ultimately, activation
  • Low service levels and rigid processes of connectivity suppliers made it difficult to conduct unexpected product updates or modifications to optimize their offering
  All in all, the network operators’ excessive requirements and conditions resulted in a high volume of resource investments from B2C Innovation which had a negative impact on their internal processes and value chain.

1NCE Solution

B2C Innovation has found in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee an IoT connectivity solution that optimally fits to their needs and enables them to focus on their product development and on the enhancement of their value chain. The key points of these improvements are related to:  

  • Margin improvements thanks to the pre-paid sales model in contrast to other network operators’ contract-based and restrictive offerings
  • Easy and time-efficient acquisition of SIM cards thanks to no minimum order quantities that allows to instantly order the desired number without forecasting requirements
  • Quicker time-to-market reactiveness and up-to-date approach to new market conditions thanks to 1NCE ’s Plug & Play offering concept (agile purchasing, fast delivery process and pre-activated 1NCE eSIMS)
  • Improvements in solving technical inquiries thanks to the fast, responsive and personalised customer service provided by 1NCE
  Currently, B2C Innovation has several thousand 1NCE eSIMs in use.

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