Intelligent and effective disinfection

The Italian company Work In Progress Bio Medical Srl. had probably never imagined that its new disinfection device "Microdefender" would suddenly be at the forefront of the fight against a worldwide pandemic. The company has developed a new type of room disinfector that can be used wherever hygiene plays a particularly important role: In hospitals, hotels, schools or in the food industry. During the Corona crisis the microdefender is now in great demand and has already been used in many hospitals and even on a passenger ship .

The device sprays a fine aerosol throughout the room, which effectively kills bacteria, yeasts, fungal spores and viruses. For pest control, an insect repellent can also be used as an option. The Microdefender is an intelligent disinfection device and protocol in one. Before use, the Microdefender measures the room size in order to apply exactly the right amount of disinfectant to make sure nothing is wasted. After each use a detailed protocol is written. The collected data is then transferred to an online platform. Here, all cleaning measures can now be seamlessly tracked at any time.


เทคโนโลยี: 2G,3G,4G
ที่ตั้ง: Italy

Disinfecting premises and making them usable again is time-consuming. Thorough cleaning is important. However, often and also unnoticed contaminated areas remain behind with this method. This is where the Microdefender comes in, not only disinfecting all surfaces in a room by spraying a fine aerosol, but also saving time and recording all disinfection processes down to the smallest detail.


The Microdefender is universally applicable. But universal also means: Wherever the device is needed, an internet connection must be available for subsequent logging and transmission of data. Only then the disinfecting data can find its way directly into the evaluation platform without any major detours. Therefore, the best option is to equip the device itself with online access - via mobile radio. This is the only way to ensure maximum data security and availability in the individual areas of application.

1NCE solution

Work in Progress Bio Medical has chosen 1NCE and the IoT Flat Rate for the microdefender. Best network coverage with the possibility to use 2G, 3G or 4G networks of different providers depending on availability is combined with an extremely simple cost model: 10 Euro for 10 years. This ensures that the Microdefender is always equipped with an optimal Internet connection throughout its entire life cycle.

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