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Streamlining Electric Fleet Management

The telematics-driven automotive sector emerges as a pivotal domain within Internet of Things (IoT) forecasts, constituting 28% of cellular connections by the end of 2021, with a marginal dip to 26% projected by 2030 according to Transforma Insights. Today, electric fleet management takes center stage in IoT telematics systems. Explore more about The Techno Creatives' role in the sector and the Elevate solution paired with 1NCE.

Project Details
Industry: Automotive
Technology: 4G,2G,3G
Location: Globally

The Techno Creatives, a global agency founded in 2006 with roots in Gothenburg and Shenzhen, specializes in ventures, consultancy, and cutting-edge products. Their solution, Elevate, is an IoT cellular system on a module, featuring a telematic unit with an integrated general-purpose VCU microcontroller and a platform hosting the fleet management dashboard for monitoring crucial vehicle information. The platform hosts a customizable Fleet Manager tailored for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or Fleet Owners. This Fleet Manager is branded with the look and feel of each client and collects unique data from their vehicles. In addition, Elevate offers a tailor-made mobile app designed for end-users which is personalized for users of specific vehicles, allowing them to access real-time data, manage drivers, make vehicle bookings, and utilize secure payment options. Covering a spectrum of IoT services from hardware to user applications, maintenance, and hosting, Elevate provides flexibility for tailored solutions based on specific needs. 


The challenge at hand involved establishing a reliable wireless connection for telematic units, crucial for real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicle vitals and battery data, particularly for electric vehicles like boats, shuttlebuses, and trailers. The necessity of timely remote diagnostics and proactive maintenance was a primary consideration. 

1NCE Solution

The integration of 1NCE introduced reliable 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity to the telematic units. This ensures smooth communication and data transmission, empowering Elevate to offer real-time insights into vehicle health, preventing breakdowns, and optimizing fleet performance. The impact is evident across the aforementioned projects, with over 100 devices in use. This not only guarantees the reliability of The Techno Creatives' Fleet Management portal but also enhances efficiency and sustainability in electric fleet operations. 

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