1NCE enables real-time monitoring for coffee machines

BibeCoffee offers an IoT solution for coffee distributors, coffee chains and coffee shop owners to remotely monitor the coffee machine usage and consumption data. By providing an all-cloud environment the company makes it easy for its customers to have their coffee machine information thoroughly stored, analyzed and accessible at any time. The BibeCoffee devices are using 1NCE IoT connectivity services to enable a fast, secure and low-cost data transfer between the coffee machines and the user interface.

เทคโนโลยี: 2G,3G,4G
ที่ตั้ง: Globally

Coffee roasters, distributors and coffee machine makers all have in common that they want to provide retail customers with the highest quality brew. There’s a billion-dollar business behind all that; from the point of seed cultivation, collection, packaging, transportation and processing to finally having the beverage ready-to-drink. With this in mind, BibeCoffee was founded to technologically enhance the coffee industry and prevent coffee fraudulent activities and mixing. The BibeCoffee solution provides predictive maintenance and monitoring of coffee brewing methods based on coffee roasters' recipes. The start-up based in the United Kingdom and in Greece has thus developed a simple quality management solution using machine learning and AI technologies that is already under patent in the US and in Europe.


Most coffee machines are self-contained systems whose data cannot be read remotely. Some of them are equipped with modules that automatically measure the water level or display error messages on a built-in display. However, this requires the daily maintenance of the machines on site and entails high personnel and price costs. The IoT solution from BibeCoffee now enables precise remote analysis of the usage and consumption data of coffee machines. The challenge BibeCoffee encountered was the high cost of connecting the BibeCoffee device to the cloud. In addition, consumer-oriented processes, tariffs and services made the implementation of bringing the BibeCoffee solution to the market more difficult and high-priced. In order to securely transport the data from the coffee machines to the cloud-backend systems a reliable and cost-saving connectivity solution was needed.

1NCE Solution

When BibeCoffee faced the question of which technology to choose for their data transport, they opted for the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat. The BibeCoffee custom IoT devices installed in the coffee machines contain 1NCE IoT SIM cards and connect the devices to the cloud via 2G, 3G and 4G. The 1NCE Lifetime Fee offers a simple and cost-saving IoT mobile tariff that provides high quality and uninterrupted IoT connectivity throughout Europe. Professional coffee machines can thus be turned into smart connected precision terminals - regardless of manufacturer or production year.

1NCE Shop

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