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Technology maintenance and installation problems solved with Solutions 30 and 1NCE partnership

COLOGNE, GERMANY 06 Sept 2018. 1NCE, the provider of a revolutionary connectivity offering for IoT that enables IoT applications and services to access connectivity on a buy once, flat rate fee for ten years, has announced a new partnership with Solutions 30, a specialist provider of installation and maintenance services for digital equipment.

This new partnership will enable the two companies to support individual and business customers as they roll-out new digital technologies. The 1NCE unique lifetime flat rate fee proposition of up to 500MB for ten years for a one-time fee of €10 has many applications for individuals and businesses that want to improve the installation and maintenance of their technology.

“We’re excited to partner with 1NCE because we see the attractiveness of its proposition which offers real value for money,” said Olivier Raguin, executive board member of Solutions 30. “The simplicity of this cutting-edge solution makes it easy-to-adopt by customers, to whom we will provide an enhanced service offering and deliver continuous engagement.”

The Solutions 30 Group’s ambition is to make the technological changes that transform our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. Its heritage has been in managing customers’ IT and telecoms equipment, and it has enlarged its know-how to all digital equipment and technologies that will make the world ever more connected in real time. Organised around a European network of experts and technicians, Solutions 30 provides 3,000 customers with on-site or remote support to assist them with these new technologies every day.

Alexander Bufalino thinks the partnership with Solutions 30 will enable new services to be launched that previously would not have been viable. “This is a great opportunity for 1NCE,” he said. “Solutions 30 has widespread contacts and clients across Europe in various industrial segments such as electricity, gas and water metering, security, asset management and more. We believe that Solutions 30’s access and excellent reputation in so many markets, combined with 1NCE’s innovative IoT prepaid data flatrate offering, will be of great interest for so many businesses and enable them to launch new services that have not been realistic to introduce so far because of the complexity and high cost of SIM solutions.”

More information can be found in the press release here