LTE: A prescient acronym

There are two innovative developments that recently came up and have the power to change the face of the IoT market in the long term. On the one hand narrow-band LTE service, also known as NB-IoT, provides low power, cost-effective, wide area network performance for IoT applications that require only a couple of hundreds of kbps. On the other hand edge computing brings processing power closer to the source, where data is generated by devices operating at the edge of IoT networks. Both developments go hand in hand and their combination enables a wide range of completely new IoT applications. To make it work, there is an urgent need for a cost-effective, transportation model for a digital economy involving billions of IoT devices.

In his blog article 1NCE CSO Alexander Bufalino explains how the 1NCE offering fills the gap in the market for a easy to use, plug-and-play IoT Flatrate.

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