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Digital Republic joins the 1NCE revolution for flat fee IoT connectivity

Cologne, 10/15/2018 – 1NCE, the provider of the world’s first IoT Device Lifetime Flatrate (powered by Deutsche Telekom) has announced a new partnership with Digital Republic , a Zurich-based specialist for the IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

The new partnership will see the two companies work to simplify the IoT connectivity challenges and complexities that customers face. Digital Republic’s main focus is on helping customers to sustainably and successfully monetise their IoT applications through service-based and recurring business modles. 1NCE’s unique lifetime flat rate fee proposition of up to 500MB for ten years for a one-time fee of €10 will address the complexity and ensure predictable connectivity costs.

IoT Connectivity simplified to the max
“Customers who receive an offer for IoT connectivity are often overwhelmed by the complexity and the many conditions involved,” said Marco Arnold, the Co-Founder and Managing Directorof Digital Republic. “Very often they have to make commitments over several years in terms of quantity or minimum turnover – even if the deployment of new technologies over a longer time horizon is uncertain. With the 1NCE offer everything becomes much easier”.
“Our customers will be very pleased with the simplicity and transparency of the 1NCE proposition,” added Arnold. “The offer is clear, comprehensive and sustainable for our customers. Connectivity becomes calculable for the IoT application over its life cycle and 1NCE provides choice because it supports several technologies such as 2G, 3G as well as NB-IoT.”
Alexander Bufalino, the Chief Sales Officer of 1NCE, said: “Our offering is a total disruption of the existing IoT connectivity model. We’re IoT natives, our service is prepaid and offers the highest quality connectivity at the lowest price. Added to these attributes, we have state of the art management features through our in-house connectivity management platform which handles automated customer onboarding, the flat rate, lifetime contract and our multi-bearer SIM card that supports NB-IoT, LTE-M, 2G and 3G with full IoT roaming from Deutsche Telekom.”

Enabling recurring business models through better customer experience
Digital Republic helps customers to implement IoT-based and recurring business models. With its IoT Business Suite, the company enables implementation of service-based business models such as Product-as-a-Service, Feature-as-a-Service and Product-as-a-Point-of-Sales. It implements customer interactions, onboarding processes, provisioning, billing, rating and the distribution of revenues in complex business models.
“For us, IoT is not just a technical implementation of smart devices, it’s all about creating unique customer experiences,” said Arnold. “If real added value is created for the customer, the successful monetisation and realisation of new, recurring business models must be assured. The provider of IoT applications is then able to generate recurring revenues and stay in contact with the satisfied customer.”
For Bufalino, the new partnership will see customers of the companies served in Switzerland and Austria by professionals. “We’ll collaborate on joint marketing, identifying and qualifying new opportunities in selected industrial segments and to make 1NCE the new standard in IoT connectivity,” he said.

Plug-and-Play IoT Connectivity
Ali Soy, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Digital Republic added: “We focus in and above the application layer where end customer interaction, rating and billing are concerned. All too often we find that customers also have a need in other areas, especially for connectivity. The partnership with 1NCE enables us to generate comprehensive added value for our customers. With 1NCE’s offer, our customers’ IoT solutions become more competitive. The end customers naturally benefit from the better conditions and service 1NCE offers.”
“Of course, the price placement of the 1NCE offer is unbeatable, especially in Switzerland which has relatively high price levels,” Soy said. “However, simplicity also plays an important role. The offer is plug-and-play and our customers have less to worry about connectivity management. This simplifies rollouts and further reduces costs.”

More information can be found in the press release here