1NCE welcomes Flashnet as first customer in its previously launched web shop

Smart street lighting innovator Flashnet is the first customer to order SIM cards from the newly opened 1NCE webshop . Immediately after the start of the web shop in the night from July 31st to August 1st, the first orders were received on the platform including an assignment for several thousand SIM cards from the smart lighting specialist Flashnet. The Romanian-based company had already announced in May, to introduce 1NCE’s 2G, 3G and narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) offering in its product portfolio as a new connectivity option. “We are very proud to welcome Flashnet as a customer from the very beginning. This confirms us on our way and shows that our offer meets the requirements of the market,” says Alexander Bufalino, CSO of 1NCE.

Connectivity as a feature

The 1NCE Lifetime Fee is specifically designed for low data B2B applications such as smart lighting, tank monitoring or vehicle telematics. Coming with a flat rate offer of up to 500MB for ten years, it enables OEMs, solution providers and hardware manufacturers in the IoT to easily integrate connectivity into their products and services. “We have added flexible GSM communication to inteliLIGHT because many of our customers are looking for simple, easy-to-implement solutions that just work. We did not consider GSM before especially because monthly fees were a significant deterrent.” Said Mr. George Zaharia, CBDO of Flashnet. “But now, with the new NB-IoT communications gaining momentum and without GSM recurring fees, we expect a surge in the market interest for GSM-based lighting controllers, especially for public lighting management projects in dense urban areas”.

The unique lifetime fee model sets a new standard for IoT connectivity, which enables operators of smart city infrastructures such as intelligent street lamps or networked waste bins to operate their devices much easier and cheaper than before, since monthly fees are eliminated. Instead, customers only pay 10 euros once and can use the connectivity for a period of 10 years.

The 1NCE SIM Cards can be ordered directly online at: