1NCE takes thought leadership role in 5G connectivity for Smart Cities

1NCE, the provider of the world’s first IoT Device Lifetime Flat Rate, is partnering with the 5G Ecosystem Forum “ 5G Techritory ”, to further strengthen its position as innovation leader in IoT connectivity. As official sponsor of the “Smart City Working Session” the company will host speeches and discussions on the role of 5G IoT connectivity in the context of cities and municipalities. 1NCE CTO Younes Allaki will describe for the next generation of 5G platform core networks.

The “5G Techritory” Forum, taking place September 27/28 in Riga, will bring together up to 1000 leading 5G players from all over the world in order to define the targets and rules of the new 5G game. Besides general business and political discussions on 5G global deployment, there will be a special focus on such verticals as smart city, smart mobility, smart healthcare and Industry 4.0.

“This Event is the perfect platform to discuss the future of IoT connectivity – in the smart city and beyond. We look forward to sharing our vision for the next generation of network architecture” said Younes Allaki , CTO of 1NCE. In their keynote speech, Younes Allaki and Holger Winkelmann from Travelping GmbH present the blueprint for a new kind of cloud-native core network architecture that uses E2E network slicing to support various application scenarios and on-demand configuration of network functions.

As an IoT-native company, 1NCE is a pioneer in the development of new network technology and innovations such as an IoT flat rate and the world’s first lifetime fee pricing model. The company is not only the first MVNO worldwide to provide NB-IoT connectivity as a standard feature, it has also managed to develop a blueprint for a first 5G-platform core network – thereby laying the foundation for the 5G future and supporting IoT growth on a massive scale.