Cloud Native: 1NCE CEO Alexander P. Sator in April Newsletter

Just a month ago, I contacted you directly for the first time . At that time, to assure you that we will continue to stand reliably by your side despite the ongoing Corona crisis. And today I am writing to you again! But not because I'm finally bored at work due to the lockdown, but because there's so much to tell you. We're pushing ahead with our development to achieve seamless connectivity integration: "Cloud Native".

Our goal at 1NCE - as your IoT Connectivity Provider - is always to reduce complexity and to lower the market entry barriers. And this is where Cloud Native comes into play. We have developed a platform that is completely based on cloud technologies. A platform which is exclusively specialized to connect devices in the IoT. With direct network connection in carrier class quality. This makes us unique and brings us all considerable advantages: Today we have extended our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) . From now on our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat is also available in AWS Marketplace .

What does this mean for you? If you already use AWS for your products and solutions today, then you do so because you have long since recognized the advantages of cloud-based digitization and know how to leverage them for your company. Therefore, having our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat directly in AWS Marketplace is the next logical step towards an even easier and seamless integration of mobile IoT connectivity into your products and processes - we are approaching the Zero Touch solution.

Cloud Native offers many advantages!

To fully understand the benefits of our cloud-native agile culture and how this results in a competitive advantage I recommend you a study conducted by the British analyst house OVUM on IoT cloud-native platform providers . The independent British market research company lists us as an "excellent case study" (quote!) on the use of Cloud Native technologies.

Especially in times of Corona, speed is crucial. Since February, our Italian customer Work in Progress Bio Medical has been working tirelessly with a new type of disinfection device to rid hospitals and even a cruise ship of the virus. Thorough documentation of all disinfection work carried out is indispensable. It was not until October 2019 that the company ordered the first SIM cards from 1NCE. Nobody would have thought that only a few months later the company would be in continuous operation against the virus. It makes us proud that they could go into business with our support so quickly.

So today I would like to invite all IoT engineers and developers, device manufacturers and even our competitors and the IoT sceptics to test us! I encourage you to order your 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat SIM card today. Either via our regular 1NCE Shop or now also in AWS Marketplace . You will not find a simpler rate, a more reliable connection and a better service. Of that I am sure.

With best regards

Alexander P. Sator Chief Executive Officer