Liftinsightは、エレベーター管理ソリューション専用のサービスプロバイダーです。 これは、企業のメンテナンスファイルに関する洞察を提供することで、健全で将来性のあるオペレーションを実現するのに役立ちます。Liftinsightは、次の2つのセンサー技術を開発しました。

  • Liftmanager®:データ駆動型のパフォーマンス管理ツールを使って企業を立ち上げるためのフリーソフトウェアパッケージです。

  • Liftboxs®: エレベーターに組み込むことができる汎用性のあるセンサーです。


テクノロジー: 2G
所在地: Benelux

Liftinsight is a Dutch service provider that generates aggregated and anonymous data on elevator runs and door movements  with the aim of making predictive maintenance possible while raising uptime, reducing costs and enhancing the user experience. The company has developed an ecosystem that allows the connection of elevators of all types regardless of the brand, type, or year of construction. The Liftboxs® is part of this ecosystem, acting as an extension of the Liftmanager®. It is a universal smart sensor that can be attached to the roof of an elevator car, independently of the elevator controller. The assembly can be done by a lift mechanic, by means of magnets preferably. No tools are needed for this, which makes the installation easy and fast. The Liftboxs® is supplied with power through the supplied mains adapter. By using the Liftboxs® in combination with the Liftmanager® the users can:  

  • Get insights on benchmarking performance
  • Access to patterns recognition
  • Detect deviations
  • Predict maintenance needs
  • Keep their elevators’ data safe


Liftinsight faced challenges in terms of finding a price convenient and uninterrupted IoT connectivity solution that could associate the Liftboxs® to the Liftmanager®. In this context, the complex tariff structures from network operators, their data allowance regulations, the expensive extra bundles per MB usage and the slow SIM cards’ delivery processes were a burden and in occasions an impediment for business upscaling. An agile and IoT-focused connectivity solution with core competences in low bandwidth applications, predictive costs and an all-inclusive feature package was needed.

1NCE Solution

Liftinsight selected the 1NCE Lifetime Fee because of its seamless support of all radio standards, with a special interest in the 2G connectivity. The company has also taken full advantage of the 500 MB of data included in 1NCE’s 10-10-flat premise, which is now one of the key features in the Liftboxs® smart sensor offering as well. 1NCE’s one tariff only without monthly recurring charges (MRC) made their connectivity costs predictable, as well as contributing to the simplification of their costs forecasting and administrative processes. In addition, Liftinsight was attracted to the 1NCE technology in terms of functionalities such as OpenVPN, IMEI lock and the Connectivity Management Platform, also included in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee. All these features enable the Dutch service provider the deployment of the Liftboxs® smart sensor in specific elevators while assuring them the accurate and real time tracking of data to the Liftmanager® at the same time. Currently, Liftinsight has thousands of 1NCE Flex SIM cards in use.

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