簡単なマイレージ トラッキング



セルラー通信には、Autogearは1NCE IoT フラットレートを使用しています。

テクノロジー: 2G,3G,4G,NB-IoT,LTE-M
所在地: Scandinavia

Whether you are self-employed or an employee: the exact recording of mileage driven for professional purposes often involves a lot of manual work, is inaccurate and time-consuming. A solution that automatically keeps track of your trips would be simpler, saves you time and money. Autogear does exactly that: The GPS-Unit keeps track of all journeys, sends the data to a backend system that generates ready-made reports for easy mileage reimbursement.


There are many different systems on the market for mileage recording. However, many of them require a smartphone to record position data or to transfer the stored information from the vehicle to an app. The problem: If you forget to pair your smartphone with the tracker via Bluetooth at the beginning of your journey or if the connection is interrupted, the recorded data will be incomplete. An independent solution that does not require an additional communication device would be simpler.

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Autogears GPS-Unit, either for the ODBC Port or the cigarette lighter, comes with built-in cellular connectivity from 1NCE. With worldwide availability in more than 100 countries, the system will work worry free across borders over various cellular technologies. The simple pricing offer makes it easy for Autogear to calculate the cost for connectivity directly into their own offering, making it not only ready<-to-use for their customers but also helping Autogear to develop a scalable product with operational costs totally under control.

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