What is included in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee? Are there any additional costs to be taken into account?

With the 1NCE Lifetime Fee of 10 Euros net, customers receive an activated SIM card allowing them to both send and receive data on the NB-IoT, 2G or 3G networks during the activation period of max. 10 years. The data is sent straight to the customer’s system via an open VPN tunnel. Customers can choose how much data they send/use and when. The 1NCE Lifetime Fee includes a data volume of 500 MB, which can be used within 10 years. The Lifetime Fee also includes the use of the 1NCE customer portal, which allows customers to manage SIM cards and purchase further data from 1NCE. On top of the 10 Euros for the 1NCE Lifetime Fee there will be additional charges for VAT, payment fees as well as shipping costs.