IoT Connectivity from an industry’s perspective: Vehicle Telematics, Smart Metering and Waste Management

1NCE, the provider of the world’s first IoT flat rate, expands its range of expertise in high volume application areas of the IoT. With the launch of three new vertical campaigns for Vehicle Telematics, Smart Metering and Waste Management, the company helps its customers to compare connectivity options for their IoT Solution through hands-on tips and expert insights making it more efficient, predictable and simple.


Combining Plug-and-Play Connectivity with deep industry knowledge


With the 1NCE Lifetime Fee, 1NCE has created the first connectivity service specially designed to fulfill most requirements of IoT adaptors. Connectivity requirements can vary considerably, depending on whether you want to connect a water meter in the basement of a residential building or a fleet of vehicles operating in several countries. But 1NCE offers a new standard that represents a perfect match to nearly all industries.


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