Fleet telematics and automotive

The way to run your vehicle fleet more cost effectively than ever before

Driving the IoT revolution in fleet management


Operating a fleet of commercial vehicles is all about information. Whether you run passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or heavy machinery – to know where your fleet’s vehicles are currently located, in what condition they are and how they are being used, is the prerequisite for successful business. Connecting vehicles to the IoT is about managing and coordinating thousands of objects. Thus, optimizing connectivity costs and maintenance efforts is crucial to successfully run vehicle telematics.

Your way to smart fleet telematics:

1. Define your connectivity goals:

Adding IoT connectivity to your vehicle fleet creates new opportunities for your company to enhance your services, gain business insights, improve business processes or differentiate your offerings. Explore how IoT connectivity can energize your business:


  • Protect your fleet with telematics systems that provide near-real-time information about the current location and condition of your vehicles.
  • Reduce your operating costs (e.g. fuel) and improve your fleet’s efficiency through route optimization, better job scheduling and driver management – based on near real time data.
  • Minimize downtimes and extend the lifetime of your vehicles by constantly monitoring your vehicle health condition and enabling preventive maintenance.
  • Create new business and operating models or revenue streams based on your vehicles’ data such as usage based insurance or pay-per-use models.
2. Vehicle Telematics solutions

Today’s fleet management solutions often suffer from connectivity issues, posing obstacles to your business development. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate provides you with best in class IoT connectivity – specially designed to best fit your vehicle telematics solution, including features like:


  • Global connectivity in more than 100 countries, allowing you to track and trace your vehicles cross borders without fearing dead spots or interruptions.
  • Unrivalled low prices of $10 for 10 years of connectivity enabling you to upscale your business.
  • Maximum transparency with regard to your connectivity costs due to the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate, releasing you from monthly billings and predictions about your data consumption.
3. Get your SIM Cards:

Visit the 1NCE Shop and start your business transformation today. If your planning to embed our connectivity as a feature, please use our contact form to get in touch with our sales team.

Empowering your growth


1NCE offers a disruptive IoT connectivity product that allows you to connect your vehicle fleets faster, easier and more transparent than ever before – at a price you wouldn’t believe.


The unique 1NCE IoT Flat Rate offers 10 years of low-bandwidth, multi-modal connectivity for a flat price of €10. Whether you want to improve your ongoing business operations or start a new growth story – 1NCE delivers the simple connect-and-forget solution to empower your business.


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Connectivity as a feature


Adding 1NCE connectivity to your products makes them a gateway for innovation and additional services – allowing you and your customers to generate new revenue streams. With 1NCE Embedded Connectivity you are now able to directly integrate IoT Connectivity as a default feature into your product and sell it as pre-connected device.