Can the Customer Portal be used by several persons
The Customer Portal offers the option to create multiple user accounts which allows for different user roles and rights. Under the tab “User” the initial owner of the account can create and edit new user accounts.
The following roles for additional user accounts are available:

Owner: This is the initial user and cannot be changed. This role can use every function and administrate “Admins” and “Users”. The role of “Owner” can also be assigned to a newly added user.

Admin: This role has all access (including API access) and can administrate the account as well as create and delete users.

User: This role can see all details on the Customer Portal and administrate SIM Cards, but cannot initiate new orders or Top Ups, therefore this role does not have any rights to purchase or recharge.

API User: This role is designed for the usage of the 1NCE REST API available via the 1NCE-API webpage or from applications directly via HTTPs and defines the API client credentials for programmatic access. To use the API the individual OAuth2 client_id and client_credentials are required.
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