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1NCE takes flat rate IoT connectivity home with new HomeBeat.Live partnership

COLOGNE/BONN, 07/25/2018 1NCE, the provider of a revolutionary connectivity offering for IoT that enables IoT applications and services to access connectivity on a buy once, flat rate fee for ten years, has announced a new partnership with HomeBeat.Live, a smart buildings specialist that provides a digital platform to apartment buildings.

This new partnership, the latest of many that 1NCE has entered into prior to its commercial launch in August, will enable the two companies to support the smart buildings market’s needs for solutions that include connectivity for systems such as lifts, heating and lighting. The unique 1NCE lifetime fee offering a flat rate of up to 500MB for ten years for a one-off sum of €10 is ideally suited to smart building applications.

“As a start-up with focus on smart buildings, we are eager to drive broad adoption of smart infrastructure,” said Bruno Acar, the chief executive and founder of HomeBeat.Live. “We see1NCE, with its unique offering, as a catalyst to make this happen.”
HomeBeat.Live provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital layer, as a fixed part of a building that connects all stakeholders, service providers and smart infrastructure. HomeBeat.Live has a freemium model, enabling the public to drive progress in their own building on their own initiative. It takes just ten minutes to set up.

“By empowering consumers, we distribute initiation of digitalisation within buildings in addition to initiatives driven by service providers such property managers and infrastructure providers including heating systems, elevators and many others,” added Acar. “1NCE, through its simplicity, offers a further element to facilitate the implementation of smart infrastructure on a large scale. IoT will be a volume business, hence it needs to be very easy to set up and manage.”

1NCE has been created to make it easy and cost effective to access IoT connectivity and thereby simplify creation of large volume IoT businesses. “HomeBeat is a true innovator – just like 1NCE,” said Alexander Bufalino, the chief sales officer of 1NCE. “HomeBeat’s knowledge and network into the home automation market is a great opportunity for 1NCE to address and enable a wealth of new use cases and applications in that field. Users want service providers that are eager to deploy more and more sensors to bring more comfort, security and efficiency. 1NCE with our unique ultra-low cost high quality IoT lifetime fee powered by Deutsche Telekom enables exactly that as never before – users can connect everything and just forget about it.”

Acar is excited by this partnership and looks forward to realizing the benefits to the partnership. “We talk to large brands like Vaillant and OTIS to inform them on how they can become more visible to the end-consumer and enable new business models,” he said. “For that to happen, their new infrastructure must be smart but legacy installations in the field also need to be retrofitted. We recommend companies like 1NCE and EnOcean, for energy-harvesting, as potentially strong partners that can help them make those new business models become reality.”

More information can be found in the press release here