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1NCE launches IoT Partner Ecosystem

COLOGNE, 10/2018 – 1NCE, the provider of the world’s first IoT Flat Rate (powered by Deutsche Telekom) has launched a comprehensive Partner Ecosystem to expand its reach within the international IoT market. The partner network comprises renowned IoT companies like Quectel, Codico and many others. It forms the basis for the company’s continuous growth track and enables its partners to better respond to market demands and increase their customer loyalty through constant innovation.

The 1NCE Partner Ecosystem is designed to build up strong partnerships with different categories of IoT enablement partners alongside the IoT value chain and serve the entire ecosystem through one horizontal standard. This includes module manufacturers, distributors, platform providers and many others.

“The rapid growth of our ecosystem reflects the attractiveness of our revolutionary approach to IoT connectivity. We are proud that so many high class IoT companies believe in the quality and sustainability of our offering”, said Alexander Sator, Chief Executive Officer of 1NCE. “Joining forces with extraordinary partners in the IoT business will accelerate both the scaling of our partners’ business models and our own market extension”.

Win-win partnering strategy in dynamic industries

The unique 1NCE Lifetime Fee allows our ecosystem partners to easily add IoT connectivity to their own product and service portfolio, as complex tariffs and monthly billings are replaced by a very simple prepaid contracting model.
“Partnering with top players in each of their market segments will on the one hand help them to better serve their customers in the biggest areas of today’s IoT markets, like smart metering, asset tracking, waste management, tank monitoring or vehicle telematics. On the other hand it will also enable a whole range of completely new IoT use cases previously considered too expensive, too complex or too unprofitable – especially in the LPWA spectrum” said Alexander Bufalino, Chief Sales Officer of 1NCE. “Moreover, joining forces with our partners will allow us to gather deep vertical and technological expertise and turn it into new product features and services specifically designed for those segments to run their business perfectly.”

Overcoming the hurdles of fragmented network structures

With LPWA technology such as NB-IoT on the horizon but not yet ubiquitously available in terms of coverage and roaming, companies that want to build an IoT connected device are confronted with a highly fragmented network landscape. 1NCE helps those companies to offer a future-proof solution in the transition phase from 2G/3G to LPWAN-Technologies. As the first MVNO worldwide, 1NCE offers a multimode SIM Card, which enables a seamless switch between 2G, 3G and NB-IoT (increasingly available in coverage and roaming) in one card.
1NCE is constantly expanding its network. Companies interested in partnering with 1NCE should contact:

IoT expertise for challenging new markets – the 1NCE Partner Ecosystem: 

1NCE proudly announces cooperation with the following companies:

IOT Modules:

Quectel Wireless Solutions is the leading global supplier of IoT cellular technologies and solutions since its foundation in 2010. It focuses on designing, developing and selling cellular modules and solutions which are targeted at IoT applications. As a professional IoT technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel has a broad product portfolio including GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+), LTE and NB-IoT modules. More information

Electronic Component Distributor:

CODICO stands for the design-in distribution of high-quality active and passive electronic components and interconnect systems. Cellular, Wi-Fi, GNSS and SOM modules are among the focus points in the area of active components. Backed by a high level of technical expertise, CODICO places a key focus on design-in services for our customers. CODICO’s core business thus consists of providing technical support from the initial development phase through to the end product, along with the sale of only high-quality electronic components. More information

YE International is a Finnish electronics company with over 47 years of experience in the field. YE International imports electronic components and tools to Finland, Russia, and to the Baltics. More information

IOT & Digital Transformation Consultants:

Digital Mindset GmbH helps organizations and their executives understand digital relationships, identify digital potential and transform it into sustainable business success. More Information
MarvelTec Ltd is dedicated to serving APAC customers’ demands for connectivity and co-operating with leading operators like Deutsche Telekom. More information
mm1 Technology is a specialist in wireless development and supplies hardware and software solutions for an increasingly networked world. More information

IOT Service Provider:

SOLUTIONS 30 Group is Europe’s leading provider of solutions for new technologies. Its mission is to grant individuals and businesses alike access to technological changes that transform our daily life. More information

IOT Solutions Provider:

Digital Republic intelligent solutions and platforms for telecommunications companies, retail and automotive industries as well as for manufacturers and suppliers of connected, smart products. More information
Round Solutions is a leading European supplier of LTE, NB1, CatM1, NB-IoT, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+), GNSS and BLE/Wifi modules. More information
Telic AG – Solutions start here Telic AG is one of the leading European telematics and telemetry solution providers. For more than 15 years Telic AG develops customized solutions. Starting from digitalization workshops to comprehensive concepts. Not only producing, but developing hardware, hardware-related software and platform solutions. Including test runs, certification and assistance in the implementation process. More information
Triptec is specialised in LPWAN, the developer of world first NB-IoT adapter in Arduino R3 shield called akorIoT Micro, focused on customised high performance LPWAN antennas and and leader in development of ultra low energy wireless applications. More information

Antenna Manufacturer:

Taoglas provides advanced antenna and RF solutions to the world’s leading wireless and IoT companies. More information
More information can be found in the press release here