IoT cookbook: We introduce 1NCE Developer Recipes

IoT developers, listen up: We proudly present the IoT cookbook in our recently introduced 1NCE Developer Hub. In the new "Recipe" section you can find detailed code examples, in which we describe step by step how to use devices, systems and the 1NCE API.

Many recipes explain the configuration of devices in connection with 1NCE SIM cards and the 1NCE API

Currently, there are roughly twenty recipes in our IoT cookbook for developers . These include instructions on how to install the 1NCE Open VPN client on a Linux operating system or how to configure WvDial , a point-to-point protocol dialer, in combination with a 1NCE SIM card in a USB modem under Linux.

Proper configuration: AT Commands for SIM Modules with 1NCE SIM Cards

Further recipes describe the proper configuration of the SIM800L GSM/GPRS module in connection with a 1NCE IoT SIM card. This includes instructions about appropriate AT commands, such as how to initiate an ICMP ping request , how to send an SMS or how to use TCP/UDP client connections and more. Similar recipes are also available for configuring the SIM7000G LTE and Quad-Band GRPS/Edge module. Recipes for other modules will be added in the near future.

The recipes provide step-by-step guidance on the correct AT commands in combination with the 1NCE SIM card

Share your own recipes with the community

Each recipe is structured as a multi-step tutorial, explaining step-by-step the sections of code needed to perform each desired function. With your own account it is also possible to create your own recipes and make them available to the developer community.

The 1NCE Developer Hub is the new reference book for IoT developers implementing mobile device communication via 1NCE. It provides a detailed overview of the range of functions and services of 1NCE and offers a perfect introduction for the optimal configuration of the devices.