1NCE: Not just the new IoT connectivity standard but also a great place to work

Editorial by the 1NCE Team

At 1NCE we have come a long way in a short time. This isn’t just in terms of our service and technology innovation but also in our development as individuals who have come together to disrupt the IoT market. This human factor has been decisive in our success during the last 18 months, which have seen us sell more than one million SIM cards in a five-month period and seen the company achieve exponential growth rates.

1NCE was founded in December 2017 and started sales in August 2018. Its headquarters are in the centre of Cologne (Germany), the cosmopolitan metropolis by the River Rhine which is the host city of one of the most famous carnivals in the world and the breathtaking Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral).

Started with its founders and three employees at a 300 m² office back in January 2018, 1NCE now occupies a facility that is larger than 1,000 m² with a very welcoming atmosphere and spaces for leisure. Distributed between sites in Cologne, Riga, Hamburg, London, Rome and Paris, 1NCE now brings together more than 50 peers who are engaged in our company’s journey.

In addition, we are consistently growing: This March, we opened an engineering centre in Riga (Latvia) to explore innovations in the field of future network technologies. This year, our manpower across all locations mentioned above has grown by 14 new colleagues. We are also proud of our multicultural background; our team consists of colleagues from Argentina, Bulgaria, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Nepal, The Netherlands and Poland.

We are not a typical start-up. We combine the flair of a young company with a high level of market knowledge. Our staff comprises a blend of professional backgrounds; we do not only attract young, promising professionals but also experts that have worked in business areas such as product, finance, operations and sales for many years.

1NCE offers a welcoming and supporting environment with benefits such as sponsored job ticket for public transportation, sport club memberships, free drinks, the latest gaming console as well as flexible working hours, the possibility of home working, “Tipsy-Tuesday” (afterwork meetup) - and much more. Whether eating together, shopping in downtown Cologne during the lunch break, BBQ’ing, playing FIFA, celebrating or doing sports - nobody has to be alone here!

This mix of professionalism and surroundings summarizes our spirit, we’re a NewCo with solid expertise and benefits that match the modern workplace requirement of work and personal life balance.

Get to know more about the 1NCE spirit, either as a customer, partner or future colleague.

We’ll be delighted to welcome you onboard as part of the 1NCE family!