1NCE IoT Connectivity Lights the Way for Flashnet

1NCE presents Flashnet , the supplier of the intelligent street lighting management system inteliLIGHT® . Flashnet uses the 1NCE Lifetime Fee to provide street lighting with direct connectivity. This enables easy testing, rapid deployment of pilot projects, real-time activation of street lighting systems and support for the further development of smart cities.

The inteliLIGHT system provides accurate real-time feedback of any changes occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimisation tools through in-depth grid management. In comprehensive smart city projects Flashnet usually deploys its own radio networks or uses existing networks to connect the streetlights to the inteliLIGHT management solution. However, with smaller installations or proof of concepts, the complexity and the costs for setting up separate communication networks are often too high.

In these cases, the one-time-purchase pricing model of the 1NCE Lifetime Fee offers the ideal connectivity solution to set up new testing environments. Thanks to the plug and play logic of the 1NCE SIM cards , connectivity can directly be integrated into the controllers and thereby make testing and setting up pilots very simple. In addition, the 1NCE multi-bearer technology ensures that the right wireless standards are supported for all conceivable connectivity requirements. Flashnet, for example, is utilising 2G, 3G and narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity from 1NCE.

“The price proposed by 1NCE for connectivity is currently the most advantageous available on the market, especially for small to medium size projects,” said Lorand Mozes, the chief executive of Flashnet. “Knowing that behind 1NCE are large companies like Deutsche Telekom, provide it additional credibility.”

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