Use Case: IoT Tank Monitoring for Smart Asset Management

IoT Devices and Hardware for Tank Monitoring

These tables provide an overview of the different IoT tank monitoring devices and their manufacturers, as well as IoT connectivity device manufacturers and models that can be used for effective tank monitoring.

Table 1: IoT Tank Monitoring Devices and Manufacturers  

Device Type 


IoT Tank Sensors 

Sensirion, Digi International, Libelium 

IoT Gateways 

Cisco, Advantech, Sierra Wireless 

IoT Communication Modules 

Quectel, Telit, u-blox 

Environmental Sensors 

Bosch, Libelium 

Table 2: IoT Connectivity Devices and Manufacturers 




Quectel BC66 


Telit ME910C1 


u-blox SARA-N3 


SIMCom SIM7000 Series 


NimbeLink Skywire Series 


Sequans Monarch 


Particle Boron 

Digi International 

Digi XBee Cellular Series 

Optimizing Tank Servicing 

  • Challenge

    The challenge lies in optimizing tank servicing, avoiding unnecessary waste from overfilling tanks, and minimizing unnecessary trips, which can be costly and environmentally unfriendly. 

  • Solution

    Precise tank level data ensures that maintenance is performed only on tanks that genuinely require it, preventing wasteful practices like excessive refilling or unnecessary trips. Using IoT solutions, including hardware, connectivity, and software (e.g., mobile apps), customers can configure various tank level alerts, triggering immediate and efficient action when needed. Once this enhancement in delivery efficiency is achieved, organizations can substantially broaden their service coverage while delivering more gallons of product with fewer trucks. This not only reduces operational costs but also minimizes the environmental impact of excessive trips and resource use. 

Tank Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Challenge

    Tanks are vulnerable to theft, leaks, and unauthorized access, which can result in substantial financial risks, environmental hazards, and operational disruptions. Additionally, industries dealing with hazardous materials are subject to strict regulatory compliance requirements. 

  • Solution 

    IoT-powered tank monitoring systems provide specific security features, including geofencing, biometric authentication, and secure data transmission protocols. Real-time alerts, powered by anomaly detection algorithms, instantly notify security personnel in case of unauthorized access or potential tank issues. To meet regulatory requirements, IoT-based tank monitoring systems use blockchain technology to maintain tamper-proof digital records of tank levels, conditions, and compliance with environmental regulations. These records are timestamped and cryptographically secured, reducing the risk of regulatory violations and associated penalties. 

Real-time Analytics for Tank Management

  • Challenge

    Tank management often lacks real-time data analysis capabilities, making it challenging to respond quickly to issues and optimize resource usage. 

  • Solution 

    IoT technology helps organizations implement real-time analytics and reporting tools for tank management. Tank sensors provide continuous data on tank levels, temperature, and other relevant parameters. This real-time data delivered to the cloud platform allows organizations to make informed decisions, such as scheduling refills or maintenance precisely when needed, optimizing logistics, and preventing costly downtime or environmental incidents. 

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