Use Case: Smart Hotels and Rooms Systems

In the year 2021, the global smart hospitality sector generated around 19 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. IoT-enabled smart hotel ecosystems, including devices, connectivity hardware, and software fuel its potential growth that may reach 133.7 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2031, with a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent. Learn more Global smart hospitality market size 2021 | Statista 

Connected Hospitality Devices and IoT 

The table below outlines various IoT-enabled hospitality device types and their respective manufacturers, that are used in optimizing hotel operations:

Device Type 


Smart Thermostats 

Honeywell, Nest Labs (a subsidiary of Google) 

Smart Locks 

Assa Abloy (Yale and August brands), Salto Systems 

Room Control Systems 

Control4, Crestron 

Guest Room Tablets 

Samsung, Apple (iPad) 

Asset Tracking Sensors, Estimote 

Energy Management Systems 

Schneider Electric, Siemens 

Below find IoT connectivity solutions, including chipsets, modules, modems, and gateways, commonly employed in the hospitality industry: 

Connectivity Solution 


Wi-Fi Chipsets 

Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek 

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Modules 

Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments 

Cellular Modems 

Sierra Wireless, Telit, Quectel 

Zigbee Modules 

Silicon Labs, NXP Semiconductors 

LoRaWAN Gateways 

Semtech, Multitech Systems, Kerlink 

Ethernet Gateways 

Cisco, Juniper Networks, Dell Technologies 

Environment and Energy Control with Smart Rooms and Hotels

  • Challenge

    Traditional hotel room controls can be inconvenient, leading to guest dissatisfaction and wasted energy. 

  • Solution

    Smart room controls, such as voice-activated lighting, thermostat adjustment via mobile apps, curtain and blind automation, and occupancy sensors, help guests to enhance their comfort while conserving energy in hotel rooms.

Eliminating Key-related Security Risks

  • Challenge

    Traditional keys and key cards can be inconvenient and pose security risks. 

  • Solution 

    Smart locks provide secure and convenient access control for guests, allowing keyless entry using smartphones or key cards. 

IoT-Based Guestroom Entertainment

  • Challenge

    Providing access to entertainment options can be challenging for hotels. 

  • Solution 

    IoT-based guestroom entertainment systems, exemplified by smart TVs with streaming capabilities and voice-activated content search, provide guests with access to the on-demand movies, interactive applications, and personalized recommendations, improving their overall hotel experience. 

IoT Hospitality Asset Tracking

  • Challenge 

    Assets extend far beyond room basics like linens, minibar items, and decor, encompassing everything from hallway artwork to gift shop inventory, and even operational necessities such as breakfast supplies, restaurant kitchen stock, and facilities like business centers, spas, and gyms. Yet, when hotels fail to proactively monitor these assets, issues can arise.  

  • Solution 

    By equipping assets with IoT-enabled tags or sensors, hotels can achieve real-time tracking and monitoring. These sensors transmit data on asset location, usage, and condition to a central system, which can be accessed remotely via IoT platforms. Hotel staff can receive instant alerts on low inventory levels, asset maintenance requirements, or even unauthorized movements, ensuring proactive management and optimization of assets through IoT-driven automation and data-driven decision-making. 

IoT-Cleaning Systems in Hotels 

  • Challenge  

    Irregular and uneven cleaning within the hotel premises, resulting in overlooked unsanitized areas, adversely impact customer satisfaction levels. 

  • Solution

    Consistent cleaning and hygiene can be also powered with IoT technology to deliver timely alerts when areas like meeting rooms, fitness centers, and pools become idle. This information enables hotel personnel to enhance their productivity and guarantee that cleaning occurs precisely when and where necessary. 

Learn more about the role of IoT in Hospitality in the IDC TechBrief. 

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