Armis Centrix for OT/ IoT Security

Armis Centrix stands as a cybersecurity solution for oversight, protection, management, and optimization of Operational Technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) assets, systems, and processes within diverse environments.

Constituents of Armis Centrix Platform

  • Agentless Discovery Mechanism

Utilizes both passive and active scanning techniques for discovery of OT and IoT assets.

  • Asset Intelligence Engine

Collects extensive and accurate information about each asset, including characteristics, configurations, behavior, relationships, and vulnerabilities.

  • Network Segmentation Tools

Enables organizations to implement network segmentation in order to limit lateral movement of threats between IT and OT systems.

  • Monitoring System

Utilizes continuous monitoring to detect anomalous activities, behaviors, and potential breaches in real time.

  • Policy Creation and Management

Highlights boundary violations and enables secure communication across different segments of the organization.

  • Real-time Visualization Tools

Provides custom visualizations for managing technical debt, offers insights into legacy software, and identifies risks associated with it.

  • Automation Features

Automates segmentation processes with intelligent recommendations

  • Integrator with CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

Integrates with the organization's CMDB to ensure completeness, accuracy, and additional information about assets.

  • Reporting and Insights Technology

Generates detailed reports on asset behavior, vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and other insights for security teams.

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