AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offers a set of features for IoT device management, data processing, and communication between devices and cloud applications.  

Which Features Does AWS IoT Core Offer? 

There are over 10 features offered by AWS IoT Core, including:  

Key Feature Description 
Device SDK Simplifies the connection of devices to AWS IoT Core by employing MQTT, HTTP, or WebSockets protocols. It supports popular languages like C, JavaScript, and Arduino. It includes libraries, developer guides, and porting resources. 
Device Advisor Offers managed test capabilities for validating IoT devices during their developmental phase. It ensures dependable and secure connectivity with AWS IoT Core through pre-designed tests. 
Device Gateway Mnages active device connections, supports MQTT, WebSockets, and HTTPS protocols. 
Message Broker Facilitates the transmission of messages to and from IoT devices with minimal latency. 
CoAP Protocol Caters to Constrained Application Protocol for energy-efficient IoT devices. It is well-suited for infrequent communication and energy-conserving devices. 
Authentication and Authorization Ensures secure connections with mutual authentication and encryption. Various methods, such as SigV4, X.509 certificates, and tokens, are supported. 
Fleet Provisioning Enables onboarding of manufactured devices at scale, establishing unique digital identities and configurations. 
Registry Establishes distinct device identities and maintains metadata. It enforces consistent formatting and catalogues device capabilities. 
Device Shadow Generates persistent virtual device versions, enabling interaction through APIs and the rules engine even when devices are offline. 
Rules Engine Assesses incoming messages and triggers actions based on defined rules. It effectively routes messages to diverse AWS endpoints and services. 
AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN Connects LoRaWAN devices and gateways to AWS IoT Core, without complexities associated with LoRaWAN Network Server setup. 
Device Location Oversees IoT devices using location data, enhancing business operations and supporting location-based security measures. 
AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk Broadens device connectivity via the shared Amazon Sidewalk network. 

Which other AWS Products Are Used with IoT Core?  

  • AWS IoT Device Management enables efficient onboarding, organization, monitoring, and remote management of IoT devices at scale. 

  • AWS IoT Analytics provides analytics on IoT data through storage, processing, and visualization capabilities. 

  • AWS IoT Events caters to real-time detection and response to changes in IoT device and application states. 

  • AWS IoT Greengrass extends cloud capabilities to local devices, enabling them to process data locally. 

  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose provides capturing, transformation, and loading of streaming data into various AWS services, including IoT device data. 

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a storage solution for managing data from IoT devices. 

  • Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service used for storing and retrieving data from IoT devices. 

  • Amazon QuickSight is an analytics service that facilitates creation of visualizations and dashboards from IoT data. 

  • AWS Lambda executes code in response to IoT device events. 

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows management of access to AWS resources, including IoT devices and services. 

  • Amazon CloudWatch enables monitoring and management for IoT device insights and application performance. 

  • AWS Step Functions contributes to coordination and automation of multiple AWS services in response to IoT events.  

What Devices Are Usually Used with AWS IoT Core?  

AWS IoT Core supports a wide range of IoT devices, including but not limited to sensors, actuators, industrial equipment, consumer devices, and more.  Here are some examples: 

  • Sensors and Actuators: Bosch Honeywell DHT (DHT11, DHT22) sensors Adafruit 

  • Industrial Equipment: Siemens Schneider Electric Rockwell Automation 

  • Consumer Electronics: Amazon Echo devices (integration with Alexa Voice Service) Samsung SmartThings devices Philips Hue smart bulbs 

  • Vehicles: Tesla (telematics and vehicle data integration) General Motors (OnStar integration) 

  • Healthcare Devices: Fitbit Apple Watch (HealthKit integration) Withings 

  • Environmental Monitoring Devices: Airthings (air quality monitors) Libelium (environmental sensors) 

  • Asset Tracking Devices: Tile (Bluetooth trackers) Particle (IoT development platform) 

  • Security Systems: Ring (smart doorbells and security cameras) Arlo (wireless security cameras) Nest (smart security devices) 

  • Agricultural Devices: Libelium (agricultural monitoring solutions) Davis Instruments (weather stations) 

  • Energy Monitoring Devices: Sense (home energy monitors) Neurio (energy monitoring solutions) 

  • Retail Devices: Zebra Technologies (barcode scanners and RFID devices) Elo (POS systems and touchscreen displays) 

  • Industrial Robots: Universal Robots (collaborative robots) ABB (industrial robotics) 

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