Honeywell Forge & IoT

Honeywell Forge is a specialized software solution designed for verticals such as Building Management and Industrial applications. This technical powerhouse serves as a unified platform, using IoT technologies to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and ensure a secure and connected environment within these specific verticals.

Honeywell Forge IoT Verticals

  • Building IoT Sensor Integration: A key technical element involves the integration of sensors and devices within building infrastructures, enabling data-driven insights for efficient building management.

  • Industrial IoT Control System: Honeywell Forge includes a technical control system designed for industrial environments, allowing users to monitor, analyze, and optimize processes using IoT data.


Honeywell Forge IoT Constituents

  • IoT-Driven Data Access Layer

  • Analytics and Machine Learning Engine

  • Real-time Visibility and Control Dashboard

  • Extensible Application Framework

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