Dell Technologies: Dell Gateway IoT

Dell Technologies is a multinational company, based in the US, with a broad manufacturing portfolio. Beyond computers, laptops, and servers, Dell is a manufacturer of IoT gateways.


Dell IoT Gateway Functionality

  • Industrial IoT Gateways: designed to withstand harsh industrial environments; rugged and can operate reliably in conditions with temperature variations, dust, and vibrations.

  • Edge IoT Gateways: optimized for edge computing, with the processing power to perform data analytics and decision-making at the edge of the network, reducing latency and bandwidth usage.

  • Compact IoT Gateways: small and space-efficient, suitable for deployments where physical space is limited.

  • IoT Security Gateways: protect data integrity and privacy, applicable when dealing with sensitive information.

  • Wireless IoT Gateways: built-in wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, cellular, and LoRa.


Industry Applications

Dell's IoT gateways have found applications in various industries:

  • Manufacturing: predictive maintenance, process optimization, and quality control in industrial settings.

  • Healthcare: remote patient monitoring, asset tracking, and secure transfer of critical medical data.

  • Smart Cities: traffic management, waste management, and environmental monitoring.

  • Retail: inventory management, customer analytics, and creating shopping experiences


Dell Gateway Series

Dell offers a range of IoT gateway series tailored to specific needs:

  • Dell IoT Gateway 7000: suitable for a wide range of IoT scenarios, whether it's for retail, healthcare, or smart city applications.

  • Dell IoT Gateway 9000: applicable to large-scale industrial IoT deployments.

Global Reach

Global presence, with their solutions widely adopted across different regions, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and beyond.

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