Cisco Edge Computing

Cisco's Industrial Compute Gateway, originating from the United States, is a secure solution for industrial IoT edge computing. Equipped with robust security protocols, these gateways ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data processed at the edge. They seamlessly integrate into Cisco's broader networking ecosystem, providing a comprehensive edge computing solution.  

Cisco Edge Computing Major Applications 

  • Industrial Automation: secure local processing of sensor data. 

  • Smart Grids: enables real-time monitoring and control of energy distribution for a resilient infrastructure. 

  • Manufacturing Analytics: optimizes production processes with edge-based data processing and analysis. 

  • Predictive Maintenance: reduces downtime and extends equipment lifespan through edge-driven predictive maintenance. 

  • Connected Factories: fosters collaboration between machines for improved efficiency in factory environments. 

  • Critical Infrastructure Security: enhances security with real-time threat detection through edge computing.  

Cisco Edge Computing Series and Models 

  • IR1101 Integrated Services Router 

  • IR829 Industrial Integrated Services Router IR500 Series 

  • IE 5000 Series 

  • Cisco Kinetic Edge and Fog Processing Module 

  • Cisco Edge Intelligence Software 

  • Cisco Edge Compute (UCS C-Series) 

  • Industrial Compute Gatew 

Popular Application Areas 

  • North America: United States and Canada 

  • Europe: Germany 

  • Asia-Pacific: China 

  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

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