Advantech Edge Intelligence Servers and IoT

Hailing from Taiwan, Advantech Edge Intelligence Servers provide edge computing hardware tailored for industrial applications. These servers offer gateways, connecting various industrial sensors and devices. They incorporate edge analytics capabilities, allowing for real-time data processing at the industrial edge, and are equipped with specialized edge operating systems for optimal performance in challenging environments. 

Advantech Edge Computing Applications 

  • Industrial Automation. Predictive maintenance through local processing of sensor data. 

  • Transportation. Serving as gateways for monitoring and managing traffic, ensuring secure data processing. 

  • Machine Vision. The MIC-7000 series is designed specifically for machine vision applications, enhancing visual data processing in industrial contexts. 

Series and Models 

  • MIC-7000 Series 

  • ARK-3000 Series 

  • WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense 

  • UTX-3117 Edge AI Box 

  • ADAM-6700 Series 

Popular Geo Locations 

  1. Southeast Asia: Singapore 

  2. Europe: Germany 

  3. North America: United States 

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