How Can LTE Cat-M2 Be Explained?

LTE Cat-M2, which is an upgrade of LTE Cat-M1, is the LPWA cellular technology, launched to enhance IoT connectivity. It provides an enhanced IoT connectivity solution with significantly improved bandwidth, download and upload speeds, and other notable advantages. 


LTE Cat-M2 VS Cat-M1 

The major differences between two technologies are summarized below in the table: 
Category LTE Cat-M2 LTE Cat-M1 
Bandwidth 5 MHz 1.4 MHz 
Peak Uplink Speed ~7 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s 
Peak Downlink Speed ~4 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s 
3GPP Release 14 13 

Evidently, LTE Cat-M2 outperforms LTE Cat-M1 in terms of bandwidth, peak uplink and downlink speeds. Since Cat-M2 operates on the same frequency bands as Cat-M1, IoT devices utilizing Cat-M1 modems remain compatible with Cat-M2 networks. 

Power Consumption with Cat M2 

Cat-M2 incorporates power-saving features such as Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRx). PSM allows devices to enter sleep mode when idle, conserving battery life. Additionally, eDRx optimizes power usage by extending the time between network checks, further enhancing device longevity. 

Cat-M2 Coverage 

Cat-M2 leverages components of 4G LTE infrastructure, giving it a substantial advantage in coverage over other specialized IoT networks. As MNOs continue to expand their LTE-M infrastructure, the coverage provided by Cat-M2 benefits from the extensive investments made in 4G LTE technology. With a Maximum Coupling Loss (MCL) of 156 decibels, Cat-M2 offers reliable connectivity for indoor applications and environments prone to interference. Data Speed: Cat-M2 stands out as the fastest standardized LPWAN technology available. Its data upload and download speeds are several times faster than LTE Cat-M1, making it ideal for applications that require efficient data transfer. This is especially crucial for Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, a vital aspect of IoT security. With Cat-M2's high data rates, OTA updates can be performed swiftly, ensuring devices remain secure and up to date throughout their lifecycle. 
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