What Does SMSC Mean?

SMSC is a Short Message Service Center. It is a core constituent of the messaging ecosystem in a mobile network that manages the routing and delivery of SMS or Short Message Service messages between devices. 

What Are SMSC Applications? 

SMSC is applied within the telecommunication network infrastructure, specifically in mobile networks, to facilitate the exchange of SMS messages between mobile subscribers. In the context of IoT (Internet of Things), SMSC can play a role in enabling communication between IoT devices and applications via the SMS-based protocols. It can serve as a bridge between IoT devices and the mobile network, enabling remote monitoring, control, and interaction with IoT devices through SMS messages.  

The Main Functions of SMSC 

The main functions of an SMSC include receiving incoming SMS messages, storing them temporarily if the recipient device cannot be reached, routing messages to the particular destination, and delivering messages to the recipient.   

What is SMSC Structure? 

SMSC typically consists of several key components. These include a message reception subsystem for receiving incoming messages, a message storage subsystem for temporarily storing messages, a message transfer subsystem for routing messages to their destination, and a message delivery subsystem for delivering messages to the recipient.  SMSC may appear as a centralized server or a distributed system with various connected items, depending on the scale and architecture of the network. It is designed to handle high message volumes and provide seamless SMS delivery across the network. 

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