Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub is a cloud-based managed service that is a central messaging hub for communication between an IoT application and the devices. It supports diverse messaging patterns such as device-to-cloud telemetry, file uploads, and request-reply methods for IoT device control. Azure IoT Hub incorporates Device Update for over-the-air updates, as well as integrates with Azure Event Grid and serverless computers for the application development. In addition, it supports compatibility with Azure IoT Edge to create hybrid IoT applications.

Components of Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

  • Device Registry: Manages information about IoT devices and their capabilities.

  • Telemetry Data Ingestion: Facilitates the ingestion of telemetry data from devices.

  • Cloud-to-Device Communication: Enables cloud applications to send commands to devices.

  • Device Twins: Represents the state of each device for effective management.

  • Security: Implements security protocols for device authentication and data encryption.

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