AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass is a cloud service and open-source edge runtime for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It enables creation of intelligent device software, offering local processing, messaging, data management, and machine learning inference. It includes pre-built components to expedite application development. AWS IoT Greengrass ensures a secure connection between your edge devices and various services, both within the AWS ecosystem and third-party services.

Components of AWS IoT Greengrass

  • Core: Manages communication between devices and the AWS Cloud.

  • Local Compute: Enables local execution of compute workloads using Lambda functions, Docker containers, or custom components.

  • Connectors: Facilitates seamless integration with other AWS services.

  • Device Shadow Sync: Ensures synchronization between local and cloud device states.

  • Security: Implements certificates and encryption for secure communication.

  • Local Resource Access: Enables access to local resources on edge devices.

  • Machine Learning Inference: Supports local execution of machine learning models.

  • Stream Manager: Facilitates efficient data streaming between devices and the cloud.

  • OTA Updates: Supports over-the-air updates for edge device software.

  • Edge Services: Pre-built modules connecting edge devices to AWS and third-party services.

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