Cisco Edge Software Solutions & IoT

Cisco Edge Software Solutions are represented by two basic tools - Edge Device Manager and Edge Intelligence, which enhance connectivity, ensure security, and foster efficient data management at the edge.

Two Cisco Edge Solutions

Edge Device Manager

The Edge Device Manager integrates with the Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard, offering a simplified and secure connectivity solution tailored for industrial assets. Specifically designed for Industrial Routers, including the Cisco IR1800 series, IR1101, and IR800 series, this component brings forth comprehensive device management capabilities. It provides a streamlined approach to setting up IoT networks, ensuring operational efficiency.

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Edge Intelligence

Cisco Edge Intelligence stands as a comprehensive edge-to-multi-cloud orchestrator, streamlining the acquisition of data from IoT assets and directing specific data to IoT applications. Activation within the IoT Operations Dashboard offers a unified view of IoT data and network connectivity, empowering operations teams and IT support staff. Its functionality spans critical areas, including data extraction, transformation, governance, and delivery, providing unparalleled control over the entire IoT data lifecycle. The integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, scalability, reliability, and robust security features makes it an indispensable solution for organizations seeking simplicity, scalability, and resilient security in managing IoT data at the edge.

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