IoT Smart Waste Management - Playbook

Smart Waste Management serves as a modern solution for the optimal organisation of waste that is regularly produced by sectors such as industrial, commercial, and construction.

With the support of IoT, costs and efforts can be reduced due to data-driven pick-up planning and route optimization. Smart bin companies and environmental service companies, especially in the private sector, are driven by costs and efficiency. In order to develop a feasible business case for smart waste solutions the costs for connectivity must be foreseeable over the lifetime of the devices. Just as GLA-Intec has done already before.

When using IoT, mostly only small messages need to be transmitted. Remotely monitored sensors detect fill-level and status of containers and bins. Performance tracking of collection crews and driving routes becomes possible.  Additionally, IoT allows for new services such as container search, alarms, access-control or on-demand pick-up. You can access all information on Waste Management in our free download.

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