1NCE Partner: Software AG

Software AG


Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is a global leader in enterprise software solutions and related services. Its products focus on the analysis and management of business processes and controlling of IT infrastructures. The company employs over 4,700 people and is active in 70 countries.


In the Internet of Things sector, Software AG offers its customers leading solutions for the integration, connection and management of IoT components, as well as for the analysis of data and the prediction of future events based on artificial intelligence.


Through the technical integration of their services, Cumulocity IoT and 1NCE make it easier, in particular, for small and medium-sized customers to manage their IoT solutions. With Cumulocity IoT, companies can connect any object, from buildings and vehicles to water meters and industrial plants. The data that these objects generate can be integrated into any cloud service.


The 1NCE IoT flat rate “10 years for 10 euros” is integrated into Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT through the partnership.



Software AG


Cloud services


Darmstadt, Germany


Cumulocity IoT Integration

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