1NCE Partner: ubirch


Blockchain on a SIM

Ubirch is the specialist for blockchain-based technology in the field of Internet of Things with locations in Cologne, Berlin and Munich. The team consists of experienced specialists for cryptography, blockchain and data-driven business models.


Consisting of an extremely slim client for sensor firmware and the corresponding cloud backend, Ubirch’s “Blockchain for Things” product enables data protection to military standards and thus offers new business models for the Internet of Things. Innovative cryptography and blockchain technologies guarantee the trustworthiness of IoT data. Ubirch primarily addresses customers from the industry and manufacturing, smart cities, insurance, IoT start-ups, energy supply and logistics segments.


Ubirch enables 1NCE, together with the security technology provider G+D Mobile Security, to offer a blockchain-based IoT data security package. The new service combines the security standards of mobile radio with those of blockchain technology. Thus, 1NCE offers its customers the possibility to have their 1NCE IoT SIM cards configured with Ubirch’s security technology. While conventional solutions secure the data only after storage in a block chain in the cloud, the Ubirch solution seals sensor data directly at the source – on the SIM chip itself.





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