IoT Waste Management

As per a recent report by Berg Insight, the global count of waste collection locations integrated with smart waste sensor technology hit 657,000 in the year 2020. Waste sensors offer an efficient means to monitor and optimize waste collection, enabling more effective resource allocation in waste management. Their widespread adoption reflects a global trend towards creating more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in various industries, aligning with the broader push for environmental conservation and smart city initiatives. 

According to the above research, Europe possesses over half of the total installed base, primarily dominated by regions like the Benelux, France, the UK, Spain, and the Nordics. In 2020, the installed base in the North American market attained 209,000 units, while the Rest of World market, excluding China, is expected to experience a significant growth rate of 36.5%, projecting a surpassing total of over half a million installed sensors by 2025. 

With over 17% of our customers being from the Infrastructure sector and 7% from Smart City, 1NCE witnesses the high relevance of IoT to Waste Management and can anticipate rapid growth in the following years.  

Waste Management Market

Find out more about the waste management vendors according to the region below:





United States


United States



Waste Vision 


BH Technologies 



France (SUEZ)



TST Sistemas 




Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Waste Management & IoT Applications

One particular use case still implies multiple applications in terms of IoT technology. Learn more about the most popular ones we come across:



Smart Bin Monitoring Utilizing IoT-ebavled smart waste sensors to monitor waste levels in bins, optimizing collection schedules and resource allocation. 
Route Optimization IoT data aids in determining efficient collection routes, reducing fuel consumption and operational costs. 
Waste Composition Analysis Sensors help analyze the composition of waste, aiding in recycling strategies and promoting sustainable waste management. 
Predictive Maintenance IoT enables predictive maintenance, identifying potential issues in waste management equipment before they occur. 
Environmental Monitoring Monitoring environmental factors like air quality or hazardous waste levels, ensuring compliance with regulations. 
Remote Asset Management Managing waste equipment remotely through IoT, allowing for real-time adjustments and maintenance. 

Learn more about Smart City section and explore Customer Insights. 

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